October 1st: Branding & Social Media Workshop
October 1st: Branding & Social Media Workshop October 1st: Branding & Social Media Workshop
$ 75.00
Join us on October 1st from 11am - 1:30pm or 2:30pm - 5pm for a
Branding & Social Media Workshop with Niki Csanyi!
Social media is a powerful asset but it can be a daunting task when it comes to building
your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or you own a small business.

Our upcoming workshop with Niki Csanyi will demystify Branding & Social Media
Strategy for you, and show that with the right plan and specific tools in place, it is a lot
easier than it seems.

During the workshop you’ll learn about:
-What is a cohesive brand and its building blocks, what to pay attention to when
building your brand and the tools can you use

-The different social media channels and their characteristics, which channels
make sense for your brand and what’s most effective for each channel

-Why having a social media strategy is crucial, how to build your own strategy and
what apps to use to plan your social media activity, measure your brand’s
engagement, reach, following, etc.

-The different tactics brands use to gain more exposure, such as influencer
marketing, Instagram or Facebook ads, hashtags, etc.

-Together we’ll look at various brand examples – both good and bad – to learn what
makes successful branding and how brands increased value through social media.
Guests will leave with skills and specific tools/apps to build a small business through social
media, branding, and a visual digital presence.

Niki Csanyi built her own personal brand as a social media influencer @niki_csanyi, and
owns her creative business that helps brands with social media and branding strategy,
digital marketing and content creation.

 All gatherings and workshop purchases are final.