Lavender Sea Salt
Lavender Sea Salt Lavender Sea Salt
$ 12.00

Julia Child once said "everything in moderation, including moderation". We think she would have loved this herb-infused lavender sea salt, both for it's Provençal association and sweet-savory versatility. It was naturally harvested using traditional techniques and the pristine ocean waters off the shores of La Jolla, California. Each batch of salt is made over the course of 72 hours and has been perfected through experimentation with different blends. Whether you're a seasoned chef, or recently found your calling in the kitchen, this elegant salt will add the elegant floral notes of lavender to any marinade, dessert or dish with ease. It's delicious as a finishing salt on a whole roasted lemon chicken, blended with fresh rosemary as a seasoning for roasted lamb chops, or sprinkled into brownie mix before baking.  

2.5 oz

Ingredients: Natural, hand-harvested California sea salt & dried lavender buds

Made in the USA (La Jolla/San Diego, CA)