California Sea Salt
California Sea Salt California Sea Salt
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From San Diego chef Chris Polley comes this outrageously delicious large-flake sea salt. Hand-harvested from the pristine waters off La Jolla, California and dried in small batches, the crystals are snow white in color with a pure brine flavor. A pleasant crunch and mid-level saltiness (not too mild, not too sharp) make this ideal as a finishing salt, though not to be used sparingly. Be generous in sprinkling over hot and cold dishes, baked goods, and grilled vegetables: life's too short to use table salt. Sprinkle over a bowl of fresh pasta tossed in fresh basil pesto and chopped heirloom tomatoes, scatter pinches over rare salmon before preparing, or stir into bourbon-spiked caramel and pour over vanilla bean ice cream for a decadent dessert.

2.5 oz

Ingredients: Pure, Hand-Harvested Sea Salt

Made in the USA (La Jolla/San Diego, CA)