Aleppo Sea Salt
Aleppo Sea Salt Aleppo Sea Salt
$ 12.00

The Aleppo pepper, from the eponymous Syrian region, is sweet and moderately spicy with a bright, fruity flavor. This sun-dried chile is sometimes called "Halaby" pepper and is prized throughout the Mediterranean. In this Aleppo Sea Salt, the folks behind La Jolla Salt Co. combine coastal California sea salt with dried, ground Aleppo for a zingy punch and develops the natural infusion of flavors over the course of 72 hours. Use it to generously season barbecued poultry and seafood, sprinkle over crispy avocado toast with a squeeze of lime, or line the rim of a Bloody Mary. Its beautiful color will not only compliment your dishes, but your kitchen as well. You may find yourself inspired.

2.5 oz

Ingredients: 100% Natural, Hand-Harvested California sea salt, Mediterranean Aleppo chili pepper

Made in the USA (La Jolla/San Diego, CA)